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Per 20' Per 40'

IT I. Import Delivery Package
a. Transport (CCTL to Sanco CFS) Manual & Mechanical Import delivery 3900.00 5500.00
(Lift off, cutting seals, customs inspection, de-stuffing, loading cargo & empty container lift on & delivery)
b. Transport (CCTL to Sanco CFS) Load container Import delivery 3300.00 4500.00
(Lift off, cutting seals, customs inspection, lift on load container & delivery)
c. Second PNR 700.00 900.00
(Lift off, lift on & delivery)
IT.II. Import storage charges
a. Load container storage first 3 days Free Free
b. 4th day to 15th day 150.00* 300.00*
c. 16th day to 30th day 300.00* 600.00*
d. 31st day onwards 550.00* 1100.00*
(a, b, c & d -*- rate per day)
(Refer container storage - plugs are available - rates are extra)
e. Warehousing first 2 days Free Free
f. 3rd day to 6th day 27.00*
g. 7th day onwards 54.00*
h. Open yard first 2 days Free Free
i. 3rd day to 6th day 25.00*
j. 7th day onwards 33.00*
(e, f, g, h, I & j -*- rate per Met. ton)
k. Empty container 1st day only Free Free
l. Empty container storage 27.00* 45.00*
(l -*- rate per day)
IT.III. Split Operations
m. Manual de-stuffing 500.00 770.00
n. Mechanical de-stuffing 700.00 900.00
o. Shifting de-stuffing cargo to warehouse 27.00*
p. De-stuffing of cargo & re-packing into container. 36.00*
(o & p -*- rate per Met. ton)
q. Load container interchange 630.00 860.00
(trailer to trailer)
r. Empty container interchange 108.00 180.00
(trailer to trailer)
s. Load container - Lift On & Lift off 295.00 610.00
t. Empty Container Lift-Off & Load container Lift On 360.00* 720.00*
u. Empty container unloading 63.00* 108.00*
(s, t & u - * - rate per operation)
IT.IV. Inter-carting
(Within Sanco CFS)
v. Load container 225.00 405.00
w. Empty container 108.00 198.00
Road Transport available:
a. Port to Sanco CFS
b. Sanco CFS to Port
c. Sanco CFS to Other CFS
d. Pick-up and delivery of cargo / container.
(Door - to - Door) (All over India)

Additional Insurance cover for all Sanco CFS & Transport operation will be at extra cost on request.
Heavy cargo, Over dimension cargo - ODC, Hasardous cargo & Refrigerated cargo CFS operations rate are at extra cost.
CFS rates are subject to change without notice.
DD / Cheque to be in favour of M/s Sanco Trans Ltd.
Service Tax and other government statutory charges are as applicable and will be extra.
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