IMPORT GENERAL CARGO ( Rate per Container)

S.No Description / Activity          20 Ft            40 Ft

Import : Load out Basis

Transport of Laden container from CCTL/CITPL to off dock CFS,Lift Off Laden,Inspection,Lift On Laden, delivery(Upto 25% de-stuffing for inspection Purposes).

a) Up to 23 M.T Rs.4,975/-  Rs.6,800/-

b) Above 23 M.T & Scrap Container

Rs.5,590/-  Rs.7,405/-
For Destuffing above 25% and Restuffing Rs.1,800/- Rs.2,400/-

Import : De-stuffing

Transport of Laden container from CCTL/CITPL to off dock CFS,Lift off Laden,Inspection,De-stuffing, Loading of cargo,Lift on empty container (Crane Handling Extra)


a) Up to 23 M.T

Rs.6,470/- Rs.9,000/-
b) Over 23 M.T & Scrap Container Rs.7,405/- Rs.9,880/-
03 Import : DPD Containers

Handling Charges at CFS - Load Out *

Rs.4,100/- * Rs.5,600/- *

Handling Charges at CFS - De-Stuff *

  Rs.6,100/- * Rs.8,600/- *
  * Weighment Charges Plus RFID Charges : Rs.300/- Per Container

* Power Surcharge Plus Insurance : Rs.600/- Per Container



S.No Description / Activity          20 Ft            40 Ft
01 First 3 Days Free Free
02 4th   To  7th Day Rs.600 Per day Rs.1000 Per day
03 8th   To  12th Day Rs.1200 Per day Rs.1800 Per day
04 13th To 30th Day Rs.1800 Per day Rs.3200 Per day
05 31st To 60th Day Rs.2500 Per day Rs.5000 Per day
06 61st Day onwards Rs.3500 Per day Rs.6000 Per day


Above Rates are not applicable for ODC, Flatrack, Open Top Containers, Heavy Lift and Hazardous.

  Weighment Charges Rs.150/- per Container
  Fuel Escalation Charges Rs.800/- per TEU
  Additional Movement Charges Rs.2000/- 20' Rs.4000/- 40'
  Power Surcharge Rs.800/- per Container
  Insurance and RFID Charges Rs.300/- per Container
  Transport Charges Rs.1000/- 20'
  1. Reefer Plugging & Monitoring Charges (For 8 Hours) , 20' - Rs.2,000  & 40' - Rs.3,000 (ii) Reefer Monitory consignee responsibility
  2. For All Reefer container 35% Extra on Handling & Storage Tariff.
  3. For All 45’, 40'(HC) & OOG Containers 35% Extra on Handling.
  4. For Special Equipments Customs Escort Charges will be extra.
  5. For all 45', 40'(HC) & OOG Consignments 100% Extra on Storage Charges.
    1. Auction container additional handling charges 20' Rs 5500/- & 40' Rs 8000/-
  6. For All Other Types of Cargoes, Charges will be on Case to Case basis.
  7. Crane Charges if required will be charged Extra.
  8. Statutory Charges, as applicable, will be additional..
  9. Rates are subject to change without prior intimation.


GENERAL CARGO        Rate per Container

S.No Description / Activity          20 Ft            40 Ft
01  Stuffing Charges    
  a)On Wheel Manual         Rs. 2,900           Rs. 4,100
  b)On Wheel Mechanical(including weighment)(Crane if any will be extra)         Rs. 3,600           Rs. 5,400
02 Ground Stuffing / Manual         Rs. 3,900           Rs. 6,000
  Mechanical(including weighment)(Crane if any Extra)        Rs. 4,400           Rs. 6,800
03 Coconut Fibre/Coconut Pith    
  Maize (in 100 kg Bags and below) Rs. 7,200 Rs. 7,200
  Unloading from Truck, stacking and bulk stuffing    
  First 3 Days Free Free
  4th To 7th Day 200/per day 400/per day
  8th day onwards  400/per day 800/per day
05. Granite Stuffing Rs.4,000/-  
  (unloading, stacking & stuffing)    
  First 7 Days Free Free
  8th to 15th day 200/per day 400/per day
  16th day onwards 400/per day 800/per day
07. Shut Out Cargo (In & Out) 85 per Mt - Per Operation
  (Subject to a Minimum of Rs.225)    
  Storage Charges (No Free Days) 30 Per Mt - Per day
08 Transportation of Empty Containers    
  from plot to CFS & stuffed containers Rs.5,700 Rs.7,200
  from CFS to CCTL/CITPL    
09. Transportation of Laden Container    
  from CFS to CCTL/CITPL Rs.4,700/- Rs.6,200/-
10 PN97/2014 CFS Tariff for Handling of Central Excise/Self Sealed Containers - Exports    
  Lift on/Lift off and other documentation chages Rs.1,200/- Ra.1,700/-
  On Wheel Inspection Rs.650/- Ra.1,400/-
  c) Storage Charges (Per Day)    
  First 5 Days Free Free Free
  6th to 10th Day Rs.200/- Rs.400/-
  11th to 30th Day Rs.300/- Rs.600/-
  31st Day Onwards Rs.500/- Rs.1000/-
  Weighment Charges Rs.150/-Per Container Rs.150/-Per Container
  Transportation Charges - Export Rs.2500/- Rs.3500/-
  Fuel Esclation Charges - Ground Seal Verification Rs.200/- Rs.400/-
  • For heavy cargoes like Machines, etc, and value addition, charges will be extra.
  • These rates are not applicable for ODC, Flatrack, Open Top Containers, Heavy Lift and Hazardous.
  • 11. Lift Off / Lift On Charges (Per Move)    
      Laden Container Rs.900/- Rs.1,800/-
      Empty Container Rs.200/- Rs.350/-
    12. Empty Container Pickup / Drop Rs.1,500/- Rs.2,500/-
      within Manali / Ennore belt upto Admec Plot    
    13. Shifting within CFS Laden Containers Rs.850/- Rs.1,450/-
    14. Empty Container Storages Storage Charges per day (No Free Days) Rs.100/- Rs.200/-
    15. PTI Charges Rs.350 per Cont.  
    16. Power Surcharge Plus Insurance Rs.500 per Cont.  
    17. Fuel Exclation charges Rs.200 per TEU  
    18. Insureance and RFID charges Rs.300 per Container  
  • Statutory charges, as applicable, will be additional
  • As far as Survey is concerned, it will be CHAs’ or the Exporter’s/Importer’s Purview
  • Rates are subject to change without prior intimation.